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Buying a home is one of the most substantial investments people make in their lifetime. If not purchased correctly a homeowner may deal with unforeseen issues for many years to come. Here at Liberty Core we represent our clients with the utmost scrutiny. The buying process can seem overwhelming to some. We understand this and professionally guide you through this process with a helping hand. Below are a few of the many reasons you are better off having one of our agents represent you in the purchase of your home.

  1. FINDING AVAILABLE HOMES:  Not all available homes are on Zillow and Trulia! Why would you want to spend all night on your computer looking for your future property? Leave it up to your agent based on what criteria you have discussed to find the homes for you!
  2. LEGAL PAPERWORK:  At no extra cost to you!
  3. SPECIFIC CRITERIA: We know what you want in your new home. Your agent has the software to specifically zone in on the type of home you want
  4. PRICING:  Make sure you’re not paying more than market value!
  5. INSPECTIONS & REPAIRS:  Many types of inspections. Make sure Uncle Billy-Bob is not doing the “repairs”.
  6. THE AGENT SETS UP ALL OF THE SHOWINGS:  We make the contacts for you so you don’t have to!
  7. PROFESSIONAL  NEGOTIATIONS:  We make sure you get the best price possible!
  8. WALK THROUGHS:  We walk thru the property before closing. We do this to ensure the home is in proper condition and repairs are completed.
  9. AVOIDING CLOSING PROBLEMS:  We walk you through the closing process and are there every step of the waymaking sure that you are not being charged any additional “fees”.
  10. AVAILABLE: Your on-call agent ready to answer any questions you have at any time in the buying process.

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